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About Me

I completed my BS in Human Nutrition and Foods in 2020. I started nutritional counseling as soon as I finished. My journey began in 2011 with me studying and implementing exercise, along with nutrition. This combination of eating healthy and exercising has completely changed my attitude and life.


It took me a while to realize I was overweight and unhealthy. It was after seeing myself in a particular photo that I decided to go cold turkey. I was eating plain oatmeal with water for breakfast, plain spinach for lunch and PLAIN chicken and veggies for dinner. PLAIN, PLAIN, PLAIN. I lost weight but it was extremely difficult to keep that up and I craved everything under the sun! It wasn't an enjoyable experience. But, I've come to learn that nutrition is FUN! You don't have to restrict everything you love or go on a <1200 calorie diet to lose weight. I look forward to what I eat and I have never looked better than I do now! 

I want to offer the knowledge and experience that I have gained to help you bridge the gap on your journey to better health!

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